Crazy 2017 Hurricane Season: Interview Dr Phil Klotzbach

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The 2017 hurricane season has been devastating. From a meteorological perspective, in some ways it has been “in bounds” and in other ways it has been out of bounds. The ACE (Accumulated cyclone energy) is now 200 units, 6th most to date (today is 9/29/17). That puts us on track for a top 3 season or more if things ramp back up and they may. So in this respect the season has been “in bounds”… on the top end but not unheard of. However where it has been out of bounds is the unprecedented surge in activity in September. It went from zero to sixty, if you will, in no time. And September was the most active on record. For more on the season, past, present and future see my interview with Dr Phil Klotzbach, Colorado State Hurricane expert.

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Thanks for watching! Jeff Berardelli, Atmospheric scientist and “Eco Journalist in training”

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