Poor Water Quality Around Lake Okeechobee: Interview with Mark Perry Florida Oceanographic Society

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For years parts of Central and South Florida have battled poor water quality. Much of the issue stems from Lake Okeechobee and releases of water east and west. There are multiple reasons why these releases are damaging the water quality and ecosystems. First the water is fresh water not salt water. In some parts of the rivers that flow west and east of Lake O the creatures there need brackish water (a mix of salt and fresh). Too much fresh water can kill organisms that need a higher salinity. Also Lake O water is rich in nutrients like fertilizer and some pollutants too. Those nutrients mixed with the warm Florida sun can cause algae blooms. These blooms can sometimes be toxic. Depleted oxygen levels are also a concern. So there’s lots to talk about in terms of both conditions and solutions. Here’s Mark Perry, Executive Director of Florida Oceanographic Society, who is optimistic a solution may be a few years away…

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